Wednesday, May 11, 2016

What is Functional Management?

Certainly the word functional management unfamiliar to our ears. Maybe we have malakukan functional management without us knowing it, because we usually do (practice) first and we are aware of his theory.

As the quote from, a management strategy for wisdom sebauh top managers of a company.kerja sampingan

While understanding the functional manajemn (functional manager) itself is the activity of middle managers in order to achieve the objectives of a company.

As for the other sense of the Management function is a form that can mempertahankna a contribution from the department at the rate appropriate to the needs of the company.

A human resources even become worthless if manajemne where human resources have a criterion that is lower than that dibuthkan by the company. Sounds like it was cruel, but in a company it is upheld.

functional management
make a planning (image: Google)

The functional activity of its own management composed of human resource management (HRM), operational management, pamasaran management, financial management.manajemen keuangan

Which of these four things tersbut is a fairly classic approach to management based on the function or task.

An approach from functional then we can simplify it into several categories. The following categories:

1.Perencanaan (Planning)
In this case we need to define the purpose, the determination of strategies in order to achieve these objectives, and develop a plan to better integrate and menkoordinasikan activity of the company.

2.Pengorganisasian (Organizing)
At this stage we peru to draw up (arrange) dibutuhka working man by the company in order to achieve the target (goal) of the company.

3.Memimpin (Leading)
For the latter we also need to be able to work together and be able to take advantage of people in order to achieve a predetermined goal.

The third thing we need to look really because three is a condition that is important in functional management. Well after you know what it's functional management, if you want to implement?strategi pemasaran

Such exposure of the functional management of us, I hope can be beneficial for you all. See you in the next article.