Wednesday, May 11, 2016

What is the Enterprise Management?

we often discuss about management, we repeat again manuisa management are all activities within an organization using the resources and facilities necessary to achieve certain goals.

While entrepreneurship itself is the creator of something else premises use of time and the activities which accompanied a risk and its capital and receive remuneration as well as the satisfaction and personal freedom.

It involves all the entrepreneurial management in the company. To become an entrepreneur should have the following four competencies:

Focused on basic rather than technology
Create a forecast of funding in order to avoid not terbiayainya companiesbisnis rumahan

Arise manajmene team, not individuals
Give specific role for entrepreneurial inventor
mmanajemen entrepreneurship
lompatilah any obstacles (image: Google)

This entrepreneurial management regarding the internal environment so will involve internal and external capabilities in order to compete premises using strategic decisions. Here are four strategies that are often used by entrepreneurs:

Being first to market with new products
Outstanding new products in an underserved segment
Focus on reluctant small market product but can survive
Changing product and market / industry
For the first strategy diguankan strain but many risks. If successful living to sustain market leadership.

The second strategy, creativity is used to capture the opportunities that exist. Usually many imitiator only improve existing products that have a higher value.

Thirdly, the strategy usually digunakn the company based on innovation. That will be done by changing the existing products.

Decisions that can be used in the enterprise is growing,

The company's products, manyangkut question, what customers want? The changing needs can be determined tdak?
The strategy involves penetration and market expansion, product diversification, regional integration or business expansion
Staregi strategies in order to modify the existing ones in order to face competitionpeluang usaha

Pricing in the short or long term
The company's interaction with the wider community
The influence of influencing the growth of liquidity problems.
The ability to obtain investor
analysis of HR
Analyze a good contender
Business planning is sutau mission report containing the proposal, operational details of their operations and management kemempuana. While its function, as a guide to obtain a goal, as a tool for mpengajuan capital from outsiders.

As for the financial management aspects, as follows:

Aspects of the source of funds, from internal and external
And planning aspects of the use of funds, the initial cost, financial projections, analysis of the principal return
aspects of supervision
Well here are techniques and marketing strategiescara membuat email

marketing planning
marketing mix
New business marketing tips