Wednesday, May 11, 2016

This is the trick Maintenance Management Poultry

In cattle we also need to use the basin management, in order menacapai maximum results as well as the use of capital efiseien. By using this efiesien capital we can save money and get maximum profit.

As quoted from, in a poultry farm there are three elements, namely POKO seed, feed and management. Perosentase seeds with 20%, 30% feed, and most of it is management by 50%.cara membuat email

We should be able to select seeds with good or originating from factories that have good quality control standards. Prior to seeds, the plant has been selecting the parent stock.

Parent stock should be good in his performance, healthy, not terdapt disability in seeds, as well as other things.

For broilers has transparent production cycle, namely the age of 1-4 weeks for the period of breeding, growing 5-25 weeks and 26-64 weeks called called laying. As for the chicken layer, has a faster production cycle is 19 weeks had been laying.

At age 26 minngu chicken parent stock has been laying eggs, the eggs need to be sorted out but returned to determines whether or not to be hatched. Usually hatching eggs will be separated from the flock young eggs (eggs from young sires)

This needs to be done so that the resulting seedlings quality. Hereinafter eggs dikirinm the hatchery for incubation. After 21 days machined pemetasan (DOC) ready to be sent to the buyer or partner.

Management of poultry
4 things

2.Pakan and drink
This feed is supplied conformed to the age levels. There are three types of feed is starter, grower and layer. For broiler chickens there are two types of starter and finisher. Sedsngkan for broiler chicken parent stock there are three types of feed tersbut.peluang usaha

Starter feed contains 21-23% protein, 19-21% grower and layer 18%. So that the feed needs to be considered in accordance with the age of chicken.

This needs to be done so that the minimum expenditure and maximum profit. In addition to seeds and feed there are important factors that fiber cage animal health human resources.

Poultry health merupakn key factor, because the high level of productivity will ungas easily stressed. Which lead to disease ttahan power decrease and eventually ungas susceptible to disease.

The initial step for broiler chickens so not susceptible to disease by using biosecurity. It was done on a farm environment, such as may be issued immediately bankai chickens from cages, clothing and footwear and other employees.

Needs to be done is vaccination, this needs to be done in order to increase the immune birds. Vaccination alone can do denagn spray method, web wings, intramuscular, sub cotunous, eye drops, nasal drops and oral drops.

However, if chickens have contracted the disease then treatment can be done, will tetpi better to prevent than cure. Right? Treatment is also one of particular concern to the factory, this is done on a yam parent stock.bisnis rumahan

Is generally carried out by feeding, the goal in order to obtain a uniform weight of the chicken. Noteworthy to mention is the cage, because this stable model determines the air circulation inside the enclosure as well as the amount of ammonia to evaporate.

Well demikia explanation of the maintenance management of poultry, may be useful for us all. Thank you for reading our article, and I'll see you in the next article.