Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Want to Learn More Effective Learning Time Management Solution

Sometimes we have difficulty to arrange the time of our study. Though learning is essential for us, well what are the consequences if we can not set the time of our study?

This resulted in a decrease in our performance. Keep on how we can set the time of our study. As the quote from no tips for our learning time management.

As a student alone we must be fully responsible of time and finances. While time it kept rolling without us knowing, if no use well then we can not achieve maximum results.usaha rumahan

If we are too memforsir time to learn to be as bad as too much play, right? Well for that we need to set a time that is proportional. Berkut these tips so that we can arrange a time proportionally.

1.Ketahui personal time
To start set the time, we have to know the allocation of our time and the time available. That way we can maximize the time the rest of the routine activities of our well and wisely.

In order to determine an accurate estimate, we can trace the time we spend in a week.

It's easy, we have to know the time we spend each activity per day, then multiply 7. Then jumlahlah all activities of the week for a total mendpatkan routine activities during the week.

Afterwards 168 reduced total regular activity, the result is a time that we must use to learn.Manajemen

2.Formula hours of learning
In order to achieve maximum results, we also need to allocate time each week learning to be good.

We can use a practical way, for example, 2 hours per week for courses easy, 3 hours perpekan kulaih more difficult for the eyes, as well as 4 hours for the course difficult.

Let us compare with this first step, it is not just a matter of quantity but also quality learning time.

Study time management
a manager is like a chess player who moves his men (Image: Google)

daily 3.Jadwal
Many of the methods that we can use, but choose according to personality, misalkankan create small notes affixed to the walls of the room. Then begin to enter the main schedule of eating, college, work and so on.Peluang Bisnis

Adjust as the second formula earlier, and then learn the hours when we are still excited. But do not forget beristarahatlah every hour 10 minutes, we did not get bored and merifresh brain.

4.Tak need perfectionist
Surely we want to be a perfectionist, kana tetpi it will only make the downturn for us. Because we know that no human being is perfect. And usually we're avoid and delay the difficult task.

5.Belajar to say 'no'
Sometimes when we have menjadawalkan time to learn, we even invite friends to hang out or go away, but we wanted to refuse but we do not want to disappoint others.

Well for that we need managatakan 'no' in a way that span must become our habits. That way we will be free to use the time for things that matter.cara membuat facebook

6.Belajar set priorities
Sometimes we do not know to prioritize things. In fact, such activity is very important for us, as well as the promise of our responsibility to others.

And many people who procrastinate pkerjaan when we know that the work is easy and important to us.

7.Mengombinasikan more than one activity
Or we can try in order to incorporate a number of activities at a time. Let's say that when watching a movie we can make our expenses. So be creative in order to utilize the time well.

Once we make, sets the schedule so that it becomes a habit, we will meneyseusikan themselves. We also have to be true to yourself in terms of make and stick to it.

Because we are much easier to do something at a time when compared side looking for the extra time.kerja online

Well so learn time management tips, it is important to do so that we can use the time as possible. Bial because we feel that time goes quickly.

Thank you for reading our article, semongga benefit us all. See you on the other articles.