Wednesday, May 11, 2016

3 Easy Steps to Right Management Salary

Surely any management or leader will take into account how the salary will be given to the employee. Or at the business where only two people where one person is the only capital and labor must be the percentage of salary diperhutngkan.

Here will membahsa payroll management, to be able to memafaatkan salary until their next paycheck. You've heard 50:30:20 sharing system? Or already but not yet menarapkannya?manajemen keuangan

Dsistem This is one way in which proven effective to apply to your financial planning, such as described in the book All Your Worth: The Ultimate Lifetime Money Plan by Elizabeth Warren.

But here the division already cut taxes and others or Gaju clean. As quoted from if we have a salary of Rp4.000.00,00 the division, as follows:

1.Pengeluaran Mandatory (50%)
After you earn your salary net then set aside for the purposes of your mandatory. Bleak payment of electricity, water, insurance and so on. The amount of approximately 50%, when we got the gai Rp4,000,000 Rp2,000,000.kerja sampingan

management salaries
people who are making the management planning (image: Google)

Additional 2.Pengeluaran (30%)
Setealh you devote gai 50% then you will also need to devote a total of 30% for additional purposes. Continues to what?

The additional purposes can be used for unexpected events, buy a toy for the baby, as well as for the additional expenditure waib when needed.

Well if your salary Rp4,000,000 then additional pengeluarana sebesara RP1.200.000. and make sure that these funds must be used when discharged, or there is an urgent need.

3.Pengeluaran for investment or savings (20%)
Surely every man kana aging and eventual retirement. If you work in the civil service is not a problem, but if the private sector then this should be noted.

We need to prepare to have retired then we need to save to be able to survive after retirement nanati. Or funds are used to open a business again let me earn a living.kerja online

No matter how small your savings when routine then long to be great and you will benefit the most when needed. The amount is 20%, if the amount of Rp4,000,000 salary is Rp800,000.

So are tips for your financial mengeloal. But it only partially an example, since it all depends on you all the menalankan. There also will menyisishkan 25% for savings, since it is an adjustment of your salary as well.