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How Management of Zakat and Waqf

For Muslims perform charity law is mandatory for those who are able, but here is not the same sense capable of Haj. There are some provisions of those who were obliged to issue, receive, and objects that are required in zakati.pengertian akuntansi

As quoted from charity is memebrikan sebgaian treasure maa has reached reckoning and haul to the person entitled to remedy menerinma premises given requirements.

Well nisab snedirir a certain size of the property where it had been obliged to remedy Zakat, while the haul is running even the religion of Islam zakat tahun.dalm dpat means cleanliness, then the charity is able to clean up what is Zakat.

When we look in terms of the language comes from the zakat kaa "zaka" that has meaning blessing, grow, good and clean. Meanwhile, when visiting in terms of jurisprudence it means is seumlah Harata which are required by God to be given to the person entitled.contoh laporan keuangan

time management
manjemen make a good time to be able to do useful (image: Google)

For those who called with muzakki compulsory zakat, while menerimnay is mustahiq. In the Al-Quran surah Al-Baqarah verse 110 is described as follows:

"And establish prayer and pay the poor zaat. SAA and whatever good you bring forth for you, of course you will mendpat his reward with Allah. Verily Allah doth see anything you do. "

"Take alms of their wealth, the charity that you cleanse and purify them and pray for them. Surely prayer you that (a) the tranquility of life for them. And Allah heard the Knower. "(Surat at-Tawbah (9): 103)cara membuat instagram

The property which is required to dizkati:

Harat precious (gold, silver, etc.)
Crops and plants (rice, wheat, dates, grapes, etc.)
Binanatang livestock (camels, cattle, goats, etc.)
treasure trade
Excavated treasures also include a treasure rikaz
Once we know the things that are required of Zakat, mak we need to know who has the right group or person receives zakat. There are 8 people who are eligible to receive zakat, namely:

Fakir, people who do not have and do not also trying
The poor, those who earn less for life, so it is always dlam state kekuranagn
Amil, people who take care of either collecting zakat to charity mebagikan
Muslim convert, a new convert to Islam and which faith is weak
Riqab, slaves were given freedom trying to become a free man
Gharim, debtors who could not pay
Fi sabillah, people who fight in Allah's way for the sake of upholding Islam
Ibnussabil, people who ran out of biatya dlam journey which aims well
After Islam entered Indonesia donation, charity, alms seta is where the source of funds used for the development of Islam and the Indonesian struggle against the Dutch during the colonial era.

And the Netherlands to worry if this is not set then it will make them lose, finally on August 4, 1938 in the Netherlands issued a policy to regulate zakat bserta kawanya friends. Belandapun prohibits employees and peribumi to assist the implementation of zakat.

This makes an impact for zakat dropped dramatically, so tuuan Belandapu succeed. Well after independence, in Acehlah the only body authorized administrators zakat. After the new order of the newly formed entity amyl various provinces.strategi pemasaran

For the management of zakat needed some principle of the following:

The management is based on the Quran and the Sunnah
Using modern management and administration
The management board should be able to manage as possible.
Amil also must hold with the aim pengeloalaan zakat form:

Can raise the dignity and the dignity of the poor fakor seta helped her out of the ravine trouble
Bridge the gap between the poor and the rich
Increase the greatness of Islam
Helping to solve problems for mustahik
Pick-dignity for the country
Creating prosperity and social justice
When executed properly then zakat zakat in can clean iwa possessions. For the soul itself dpat avoid overbearing sense of envy and others. For snediri treasure will be a blessing again.siklus akuntansi