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10 Principles of Financial Management

In a management there must be principles that we should note. As well as with its own financial management, we have also discussed about the basic knowledge of financial management when forgotten please click here .

According, there are 10 principles in financial management. Well here is the principle:kerja online

1.The Risk-Return Trade Off
We certainly think the same that we did not want to take the additional risk, but if we get additional results we may think twice about it.

Basically, every investor will demand a return to a minimum so he wanted to postpone their consumption now in order to be able to use the money for investment sbuah. Due to the minimal return is greater than the inflation rate had been anticipated.

The relationship of risk and return is

High risk and high expected return
Low risk and low expected return
Now the relationship of risk-return in this case merupukan a key concept in the calculation of stocks, bonds, and other things.

2.Time Value of Money
Value of 1 million that we received is higher than the value of 1 million to come. Why is that? Because 1 million today can we invest so will have interst (interest) that was worth more than 1 million to come.

When we receive a benefit that is greater than the cost of the investment project can be said to create value.cara membuat facebook

3.Cash-Profit-Is Not King
To measure the value we have to make use of cash flows rather than accounting profit. Accounting profit is usually recorded when the profit was generated, not when the cash is in hand.

As for the cash inflows and cash outflows are a record of the entry and exit of money from a company.

financial management principles
be a good leader (image: Google)
4.Incremental Cash Flows

Represents the difference between the cash flows that exist at the time of the investment project is run versus the cash flow at the time of the investment projects are not executed.

5.The Curse of Competitive Market
Why is it difficult investment projects generate huge profits? The answer is when the investment sbuah mendaoat huge profits it will make other investors participating dlam tersbut field resulting in lower profit towards the required rate of return.

6.Efficient Capital Market
Capital market is all the institutions that provide complete facilities to financial instrume transaction in the long term. As for the implications of an efficient capital market, namely:

Price is right. The share price reflects no public information about the value of the company concerned.
Manipulation of earnings, with the way we changed the accounting method possible will not change the company's stock price.
7.The Agency Problem
The agency problems arising from the separation adana aatara management company with ownership of the company. Since it is usually held by a professional management company.

So that the decisions taken by the manager is not the same as keinginkan of the owner of the company. This is because the manager to make decisions according to their own interests.Peluang Bisnis

Here are two factors that can prevent the agency problem.

Market forces, one kekutan market are major shareholders. Investors in large companies can press managers in order to memprhatikan the interests of shareholders, threatening to use the voting rights they have.
Threat of takeover threats remedy takeover of the company by other companies.
8.Pajak make business decisions bias
9.All Risk Is Not Equal
The risk was not as great, there is also some risk that can be diversified, some are not. Now we need to know about the risks, namely:

This diversification process can curate the magnitude of risks.
The risk of investment projects can be changed, it relates to the calculation of investment risk a stand alone or calculate investment risk along with other projects which have been taken by a relatively firm.
10.Perilaku ethical is doing the right thing and the ethical dilemmas in financial management there everywhere
Dikatan ethical behavior is when we do the right thing. But what is to be the benchmark in "melaukaukn the right thing" it?Manajemen

The concept of right or wrong is a normative concept, a community must have a 'set of value' (values) which they believe to be 'doing the right thing'.

Ethical error (errors ethics) will turn off seseorangserta career opportunities in the future. Why is that? The answer was twofold:

Akna unethical behavior that resulted in the loss of trust of the other party. Without this it will menagkibatkan business will not run smoothly.
The worst thing is the loss of public confidence is no standard setika the business.
Well also important social responsibilities. Tanggugjawab social enterprise is an enterprise has a responsibility to the community further maximizing shareholders' wealth.

Thus the explanation of financial management, may be useful for us all. See you on the other articles.

How Japanese People Management Patterns?

Everyone in the world must have a management to be able to live with on a regular and also good. Similarly, the people in Japan, must have a different management systems with the management of people in Indonesia.usaha rumahan

As quoted in, Japanese people management provides an emphasis terhapa workers as well as the principal amount of the most important in a company. In this case managers in Japan to use the system for its workers lifetime.

The positive impact of the policy, the first in the system ensures the continuity of the fiber strength of workers and encouraging workers to participate participation in the management area perusahaa.

For both when workers mampunyai sense of security in the company, they're having a positive innovation and technology weapons anyway. Unlike in the western world, workers in Japan welcomes the robot factory.bisnis rumahan

In Japan also established a harmonious relationship anar workers and managers, so there is no conflict. It is no excuse, the first absence of a strong class differences. And the second was enough educated workers in Japan, which has a high motivation is also a result of higher education as well.

Japanese society is also not mengenl word "self", but the work tim.yang where semngat work the team has been ingrained in the Japanese family. This is also shown by the awards dituukan to groups rather than individuals.

Management of the Japanese
we should be able to use the time well (image: Google)

According to an expert of The Nomura Research Institute Takeo Fujisawa found that 90% of Japanese management approach similar to the West, but there is a 5% that makes all the difference. Because in the last 5% of the most fundamental aspects, namely human approach complete makeover.

In this case also the spiritual needs are as important as material needs. This is a balance that allows workers in Japan have high productivity.

Attention to all human factors such as culture, history, and religion became a production unit in a Japanese management has made the world's attention was stunned.peluang usaha

Japanese management approach has succeeded in making Japan's status as one of the economic giants. This is reinforced by a report from the World Deveoplment World Bank Report 1993 Japan's per capita income reached $ 26,930 / year.

Yet in the same year the USA is only $ 22,240 / year, while for Indonesia itself is quite far behind at only $ 600 / year. Plus Japan merupakkan member of the G7, which members of the organization tersbut is a rich country.

But in the 1990s Jepag experiencing economic issue, it is associated with a weakening Yen which bad debt caused by the incorrect bank manajemn. But Japan only experiencing economic recession rather than the economic mess.

In the 1970s, Japan experienced the peak of economic growth, which makes other nations will be amazed Japanese-style management that makes prosperity for its people. People also enjoy the fruits of development by the State.

Companies growing rapidly, both in large and small. There are three pillars of the company's management Yag Japan namely, lifetime employment system on a firm course, seniority, and unions based company.cara membuat email

These three pillars elah contribute a lot to the existing companies in Japan, well developed so as to make the Japanese economy is growing rapidly.

But there is one strategy that also stand out from the Japanese management, which is Kaizen.

So first explanation of the pattern of the Japanese management. May be useful for us all, thank you for reading our article. And I'll see you in another article.

This is the trick Maintenance Management Poultry

In cattle we also need to use the basin management, in order menacapai maximum results as well as the use of capital efiseien. By using this efiesien capital we can save money and get maximum profit.

As quoted from, in a poultry farm there are three elements, namely POKO seed, feed and management. Perosentase seeds with 20%, 30% feed, and most of it is management by 50%.cara membuat email

We should be able to select seeds with good or originating from factories that have good quality control standards. Prior to seeds, the plant has been selecting the parent stock.

Parent stock should be good in his performance, healthy, not terdapt disability in seeds, as well as other things.

For broilers has transparent production cycle, namely the age of 1-4 weeks for the period of breeding, growing 5-25 weeks and 26-64 weeks called called laying. As for the chicken layer, has a faster production cycle is 19 weeks had been laying.

At age 26 minngu chicken parent stock has been laying eggs, the eggs need to be sorted out but returned to determines whether or not to be hatched. Usually hatching eggs will be separated from the flock young eggs (eggs from young sires)

This needs to be done so that the resulting seedlings quality. Hereinafter eggs dikirinm the hatchery for incubation. After 21 days machined pemetasan (DOC) ready to be sent to the buyer or partner.

Management of poultry
4 things

2.Pakan and drink
This feed is supplied conformed to the age levels. There are three types of feed is starter, grower and layer. For broiler chickens there are two types of starter and finisher. Sedsngkan for broiler chicken parent stock there are three types of feed tersbut.peluang usaha

Starter feed contains 21-23% protein, 19-21% grower and layer 18%. So that the feed needs to be considered in accordance with the age of chicken.

This needs to be done so that the minimum expenditure and maximum profit. In addition to seeds and feed there are important factors that fiber cage animal health human resources.

Poultry health merupakn key factor, because the high level of productivity will ungas easily stressed. Which lead to disease ttahan power decrease and eventually ungas susceptible to disease.

The initial step for broiler chickens so not susceptible to disease by using biosecurity. It was done on a farm environment, such as may be issued immediately bankai chickens from cages, clothing and footwear and other employees.

Needs to be done is vaccination, this needs to be done in order to increase the immune birds. Vaccination alone can do denagn spray method, web wings, intramuscular, sub cotunous, eye drops, nasal drops and oral drops.

However, if chickens have contracted the disease then treatment can be done, will tetpi better to prevent than cure. Right? Treatment is also one of particular concern to the factory, this is done on a yam parent stock.bisnis rumahan

Is generally carried out by feeding, the goal in order to obtain a uniform weight of the chicken. Noteworthy to mention is the cage, because this stable model determines the air circulation inside the enclosure as well as the amount of ammonia to evaporate.

Well demikia explanation of the maintenance management of poultry, may be useful for us all. Thank you for reading our article, and I'll see you in the next article.

Want to Learn More Effective Learning Time Management Solution

Sometimes we have difficulty to arrange the time of our study. Though learning is essential for us, well what are the consequences if we can not set the time of our study?

This resulted in a decrease in our performance. Keep on how we can set the time of our study. As the quote from no tips for our learning time management.

As a student alone we must be fully responsible of time and finances. While time it kept rolling without us knowing, if no use well then we can not achieve maximum results.usaha rumahan

If we are too memforsir time to learn to be as bad as too much play, right? Well for that we need to set a time that is proportional. Berkut these tips so that we can arrange a time proportionally.

1.Ketahui personal time
To start set the time, we have to know the allocation of our time and the time available. That way we can maximize the time the rest of the routine activities of our well and wisely.

In order to determine an accurate estimate, we can trace the time we spend in a week.

It's easy, we have to know the time we spend each activity per day, then multiply 7. Then jumlahlah all activities of the week for a total mendpatkan routine activities during the week.

Afterwards 168 reduced total regular activity, the result is a time that we must use to learn.Manajemen

2.Formula hours of learning
In order to achieve maximum results, we also need to allocate time each week learning to be good.

We can use a practical way, for example, 2 hours per week for courses easy, 3 hours perpekan kulaih more difficult for the eyes, as well as 4 hours for the course difficult.

Let us compare with this first step, it is not just a matter of quantity but also quality learning time.

Study time management
a manager is like a chess player who moves his men (Image: Google)

daily 3.Jadwal
Many of the methods that we can use, but choose according to personality, misalkankan create small notes affixed to the walls of the room. Then begin to enter the main schedule of eating, college, work and so on.Peluang Bisnis

Adjust as the second formula earlier, and then learn the hours when we are still excited. But do not forget beristarahatlah every hour 10 minutes, we did not get bored and merifresh brain.

4.Tak need perfectionist
Surely we want to be a perfectionist, kana tetpi it will only make the downturn for us. Because we know that no human being is perfect. And usually we're avoid and delay the difficult task.

5.Belajar to say 'no'
Sometimes when we have menjadawalkan time to learn, we even invite friends to hang out or go away, but we wanted to refuse but we do not want to disappoint others.

Well for that we need managatakan 'no' in a way that span must become our habits. That way we will be free to use the time for things that matter.cara membuat facebook

6.Belajar set priorities
Sometimes we do not know to prioritize things. In fact, such activity is very important for us, as well as the promise of our responsibility to others.

And many people who procrastinate pkerjaan when we know that the work is easy and important to us.

7.Mengombinasikan more than one activity
Or we can try in order to incorporate a number of activities at a time. Let's say that when watching a movie we can make our expenses. So be creative in order to utilize the time well.

Once we make, sets the schedule so that it becomes a habit, we will meneyseusikan themselves. We also have to be true to yourself in terms of make and stick to it.

Because we are much easier to do something at a time when compared side looking for the extra time.kerja online

Well so learn time management tips, it is important to do so that we can use the time as possible. Bial because we feel that time goes quickly.

Thank you for reading our article, semongga benefit us all. See you on the other articles.

What is Functional Management?

Certainly the word functional management unfamiliar to our ears. Maybe we have malakukan functional management without us knowing it, because we usually do (practice) first and we are aware of his theory.

As the quote from, a management strategy for wisdom sebauh top managers of a company.kerja sampingan

While understanding the functional manajemn (functional manager) itself is the activity of middle managers in order to achieve the objectives of a company.

As for the other sense of the Management function is a form that can mempertahankna a contribution from the department at the rate appropriate to the needs of the company.

A human resources even become worthless if manajemne where human resources have a criterion that is lower than that dibuthkan by the company. Sounds like it was cruel, but in a company it is upheld.

functional management
make a planning (image: Google)

The functional activity of its own management composed of human resource management (HRM), operational management, pamasaran management, financial management.manajemen keuangan

Which of these four things tersbut is a fairly classic approach to management based on the function or task.

An approach from functional then we can simplify it into several categories. The following categories:

1.Perencanaan (Planning)
In this case we need to define the purpose, the determination of strategies in order to achieve these objectives, and develop a plan to better integrate and menkoordinasikan activity of the company.

2.Pengorganisasian (Organizing)
At this stage we peru to draw up (arrange) dibutuhka working man by the company in order to achieve the target (goal) of the company.

3.Memimpin (Leading)
For the latter we also need to be able to work together and be able to take advantage of people in order to achieve a predetermined goal.

The third thing we need to look really because three is a condition that is important in functional management. Well after you know what it's functional management, if you want to implement?strategi pemasaran

Such exposure of the functional management of us, I hope can be beneficial for you all. See you in the next article.

EO successive key, skewering Management

What terbesit in our mind when hearing the word event organizer? Definitely will immediately think oarng ones managing the event. People who are involved in the world of this EO definitely need manajemn excellent.

Why is that? We are trying to think, a company EO certainly not only handle an event just right. Surely more than one and also possibly the bersamaa event, it must be an EO firms in need of a good management and systematic.

As the quote from, as expressed Intan Linggarti which is the Coordinator of the Workshop "Event Maximum, Optimal Management" at an event Department of Communication Studies, University of Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta.cara membuat instagram

Menuerut him, the services of EO event organizers it is a service which requires a systematic management as well as the need perseverance, because in a company EO it requires the cooperation of the team.

EO management
use the existing momentum (Image: Google)

That is because the profession will be found deadine, target, scdheduling, pressure, teamwork and solidarity. Well EO also required in order to organize a successful event by using a concept and guidelines for working professionals.contoh laporan keuangan

He also said, "The concept of this EO is known by Indonesia in the 1990s, which became popular in atahun 1998 after the economic crisis era. Karana banayak labor need another livelihood, well one of them is the EO itself.

To be able to establish an EO own business there are things that need we noticed such a network (network), capital that we have, human resources dianamis, easy to work in teams, as well as a hard worker, kreatis, innovative. We must also be sensitive to any developments because it was a key to success of EO. "

In the event, the expectations of IK UMY is that the students get a new science to be able to carry out a good show as well as optimal. And also without leaving a supporter of good management as well as an optimization of the success of the event.

While the speaker in the workshop were Pmebicara of Indonesia Reggae Community (IRC) named Wobal. He explained bawasannya an EO must consider several things.pengertian akuntansi

Well one thing to note is the proposal. Surely you wonder why not another proposal. Penjelasnnya is this proposal is the first time will attract clients to help by using our EO.

So in the proposal instead of a lot of writing, but offers a creative and supported by the ability to present the concept of the show that we created earlier.

The next thing to consider is the promotion Yag, like any other item Eo services also requires sebauh sale to be recognized by consumers. In this case Wobal explained that the promotion is done the same with other promotional products.

This promotion dpat form of banners, banners, brochures, and others. Well its not Klah importance is a company EO should be partnering or menggnadeng media partner. It is very necessary by an EO.siklus akuntansi

Thus the explanation of management sitemetis contained in EO. Hopefully useful article. So, I'll see you on the other artkel.